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Supplier of Herbal Medicine For Smelly Feet Home Remedies

What’s The Best Way Of Smelly Feet Home Remedies?

If you can get rid of the trouble of foot odor by spending only $50, are you willing to try it? FSC, a Supplier Of Herbal Medicine For Smell Feet , once did a survey on this topic. All 1,000 questionnaires issued gave a positive answer, but the respondents required that the treatment method for foot odor should not cause damage to the skin. Now, let’s focus on FSC (Feet Health Company), the latest supplier of Herbal Medicine For Smell Feet at home, which provides the latest foot odor treatment plan, a treatment plan of soaking feet in warm water with herbal bags. 10 foot soaking processes only cost $24, which can get rid of the trouble of foot odor, and the treatment effect is guaranteed. Isn’t this plan great?

How Was This Herbal Remedy For Foot Odor Developed?

How was this herbal method for treating foot odor developed?

This herbal prescription for treating foot odor comes from the Tang Dynasty in China 1,300 years ago. The Tang Empire was the most powerful empire in Chinese history. The capital of the Tang Dynasty, Chang’an, gathered celebrities and wealthy people from all over the world, including nomadic peoples, hunting peoples and farming peoples. Unlike farming peoples, nomadic and hunting peoples have a high proportion of meat in their diets, and a small proportion of grains and vegetables, so the proportion of body odor is very high, including some royal family members of the Tang Dynasty’s royal family, the Li family, who also have body odor.

When riding a horse and grazing, the smell of body odor drifts with the wind, which is not a problem at all; when you are in the upper class and meet with celebrities, body odor becomes an unforgivable sin. So the royal doctor began to study the formula for treating body odor through the pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine. After theoretical guidance and a lot of practice, he finally developed a combination of herbs such as wormwood, isatis indigo leaf, and houttuynia cordata, and perfected this herbal prescription for treating body odor. This herbal prescription for treating body odor is also a herbal prescription for treating foot odor.

After the Tang Dynasty, there were no more nomadic peoples who became urbanized, and there were no more upper-class people with body odor problems, so the only function of this prescription to treat foot odor was retained. This is the origin of the method of herbal treatment of foot odor.

Why Do Some People Have Smelly Feet?

The smelly feet we are talking about here do not refer to the stuffy smell caused by sweating but not washing feet, but the smelly feet that are emitted even if you wash your feet every day.

Foot odor is a type of body odor. Modern science has this understanding of body odor: human sweat contains nutrients such as protein and lipids. These nutrients discharged with sweat are the favorite food of bacteria. In the process of decomposing these nutrients, bacteria release strong odors, which is the cause of body odor. Body odor includes foot odor and armpit odor.

Due to genetic reasons, different families and races sweat in different places. Most people sweat in their armpits, crotch, and feet, while a few people sweat on the top of their heads and faces. The head and face are easy to dry and bright, which is not conducive to the growth of bacteria; but the armpits, feet and crotch, which are privacy-protected places, are wrapped in tight clothes, so they are dark and humid, which is most suitable for the growth of anaerobic bacteria. A large number of bacteria concentrate on decomposing the protein and lipid nutrients in the feet, releasing strong odors, which is the source of foot odor.

Therefore, people who meet the following conditions are prone to foot odor: The first condition is that the sweating location is in the feet, the second is that the sweat contains more protein and lipids, and the third is that the soles of the feet, shoes, and socks form a dark and humid environment suitable for bacteria to survive. The first one is related to genetics, the second one is related to genetics and diet, and the third one is related to personal living habits.

Is Smelly Feet A Disease?

Smelly Feet is not a disease, because its existence will not cause any organ lesions, it is just the consequence of sweating, but its smell is unacceptable. Especially when you return to your home with better sealing, the smell of foot odor is difficult to dissipate in time; if you are a student living in a dormitory, then you are miserable, your foot odor will make you the object of everyone’s hatred; if you are Korean or Arab, go to someone else’s house to attend a party, your foot odor will ruin the party! So, even if it is not a disease, we have to treat it as a disease.

So How To Treat Smelly Feet ?

According to the cause of foot odor, we can try to adjust the diet structure, eat more grains and vegetables, reduce the protein and lipids in sweat, this improvement method has a long cycle but may not be effective; another way is to destroy the living environment of bacteria, wear some sweat-absorbing socks, wear breathable shoes, and keep the soles of the feet dry. These are all effective ways to reduce foot odor. The best way is to soak your feet with herbs. Use FHC’s herbal bags to soak your feet. Soak your feet once a day. After three consecutive soaks, you can clearly feel that the soles of your feet are dry and smooth, and the odor is very small. Soak your feet every three days. When you soak your feet for the sixth time, you will feel that the odor is very light. The remaining four bags can be soaked once a week.

How Does FHC Herbal Remove Foot Odor?

First of all, this herbal bag is made according to ancient prescriptions, which is more from experience and practice, rather than from various controllable data. According to experience, this herb can shrink sweat pores and reduce sweating on the soles of the feet.

After soaking your feet with herbs, the sweating ability of the soles of the feet is greatly weakened, and the soles of the feet are dry and smooth. We cannot judge whether this situation is a good thing. If you don’t sweat from the soles of the feet, you should sweat from other places. This changes the location of sweating. Does it have any effect on the body?

Practice has proven that the efficacy of this herbal is 92%. If you are in this 92%, three foot soaks will achieve significant results; if after three foot soaks, there is no improvement in foot odor, then you are in the 8% range and do not need to soak your feet again. This is normal because your foot sweat secretions interfere with the effect of the medicine. It doesn’t matter, you can return the remaining 7 bags of products to us.

Can This Herb Also Eliminate Underarm Odor?

Yes, we have analyzed the causes of body odor above. Body odor and foot odor are caused by the same reason, so this herb is also effective in eliminating underarm odor. We have not yet developed a package that is convenient for users with underarm odor. Herbal water is very convenient for soaking feet, but not for soaking armpits. Using a pure cotton towel to soak in water for hot compress is a good way. Maybe friends with underarm odor like to try this. If you have a better way, please tell us so that we can provide better products to serve users.

How To Order Herbal Medicine For Smell Feet Treatment?

  1. Payment method: Paypal
  2. Herbal price: $24/Case, 10 Packages/Each Case
  3. Wholesale price: $20/Case, MOQ 10 Cases; $16/Case, MOQ 100 Cases; $12/Cases, 300 Cases
  4. Transportation delivery: Ship within 36 hours after receiving payment, and the transportation time is about 15 days; the freight is charged according to the quotation of the express company.